Dec 5, 2011

The 1778 gold coinage of the Nueva Guatemala Mint.

Hello to all. Here is the first in a series of posts that will deal with the Charles III bust gold coins struck at the Nueva Guatemala mint. We will start with the first date of this series: 1778. The mintage figures that we will present were unpublished, so this post should help to understand the true rarity of these issues.

Here is the link to the article: Guatemala 1778 gold

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Nov 14, 2011

Announcing a new series of posts on the Nueva Guatemala mint issues.

As a general rule, every collector knows that all Guatemalan colonial gold coins are rare. Among the series of onzas or coin of 8 Escudos, only the Ferdinand VII 1817 and, much less frequently the Charles III 1778 dates can be considered as available (although they are, naturally, expensive coins in any case).
However, little else is known about the bust (struck from 1778 onwards, as we will see) series of colonial gold coins struck at the Nueva Guatemala mint. In particular, the corresponding minor gold coins among this series are treated very superficially in the standard references.

These short articles will cover the Charles III gold coins struck at the Nueva Guatemala (NG) mint. They are basically an extract from the current draft paper on Guatemalean colonial coins struck bertween 1776 and 1821 I am now working on, and which is essentially a continuation of my previously published work on the issues struck at the (Antigua) Guatemala mint between 1733 and 1776: Book on the Guatemala Mint 1733-1776.

Although I will limit their scope to analyze the coins themselves and their current rarity and thus will not expand much on historical facts relating to these coins, these articles are nevertheless important, since they will provide for the first time accurate or “hard” data on all of these issues. This new information will be mostly based on previously unpublished documentation that we were fortunate to locate in the Archivo General de Centro América (A. G. C. A.) in Guatemala City.

Sep 29, 2011

The Santiago Mint 1778 8 Escudos with the error "HISP TE IND" in the legend.

Continuing the articles on Chilean coinage, here is a short article on the interesting error coin mentioned in the title of this post, which will also provide new information regarding the orientation of the golden fleece in the Santiago Mint colonial gold coins. Hope you find it interesting!

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The article can be accessed here:


Aug 31, 2011

Upcoming Posts!

I recently attended the ANA Convention in Chicago. Among the planned upcoming posts will be a couple dealing with some colonial issues of Santiago and Nueva Guatemala, and Peru. I might also publish a few shorter than usual posts commenting important coins coming up from auction.
Feedback from the readers will be most appreciated.

Jul 15, 2011

A research on two Chilean "patterns" dated 1836.

As promised, here is finally my first article on Chilean numismatics, probably my area of greatest expertise, but one on which I had not published anything for some time. This article deals with two pieces from the Chilean series, both dated 1836, and pictured below:

1836 copper pattern 8 Escudos

1836 Thonnelier advertising piece in the name of Bihourd
None of the above pieces is excessively rare or expensive. Nevertheless, their true nature has never been studied. Thanks to previously unpublished documentation, we are now able to do so. This article is proof that historically interesting and important discoveries need not come from only rare pieces. Comments are welcomed, as always.

The feedback asking for the article's translation to Spanish was meager, so the article will be published only in English. 

Here is a link to the article:

Jul 3, 2011

Upcoming post on Chilean coinage / Proximamente un artículo sobre moneda chilena.

I will shortly post an article related to Chilean coinage. The article will be first posted in English. However, since I suppose that some of the readers of the blog are more fluent in Spanish, I will translate it to Spanish if a  sufficient number of interested parties (say, 15 different readers)  request me to.

Amigos lectores: Postearé muy pronto un articulo sobre numismática chilena. Originalmente, lo publicaré en inglés, pero si un número suficiente lo requiere (digamos 15 interesados), lo traduciré al español. Saludos a todos.

Jun 16, 2011

The meaning of the "P" initial on early coins of the Republic of Haiti.

Among the Haitian silver coins dated an X (1813), a very few show a small "P" initial under the coat of arms. All three denominations (6, 12 and 25 Centimes) exist with this variety. As stated in a recent description in the auction sale of a specimen of the rare 12 Centimes coin with a "P" initial, "specialists have conjectured that the "P" stands for either "provisional" or the mint at Port-au-Prince". In the following article, we present evidence that the "P" stands for neither of those, but rather is the initial of the first Director of the Port-au-Prince mint.

Here is the link to the article:

"P" initial in early Haitian coins